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Download the list of available journals

You can download the list of journals incorporated in NII-ELS (Academic Society Journals / Research Bulletins) and available on CiNii Articles here


* If the list displays in the same screen after you clicked the "download" button, please right-click the link and then "save target to file".

* The title list of NII-REO (OJA) was moved to the NII-REO help page (Japanese).

Data specifications for the list of available journals.

The List of journals recorded in NII-ELS is distributed with the following specifications.

File formatTab separated values text file(tsv)
Text encodingUTF-8
A new line codeCR+LF

The specifications of each record of the file are as follows.

List of journals incorporated in NII-ELS
Date of update
Last update yyyy-mm-dd
Heading line. The item name of each figure is recorded.
Journal Title Journal Title (Alphabetical) Journal Title (Japanese Kana) ISSN E-ISSN URL Volume (Oldest) Volume (Latest) Publish date (Oldest) Publish date (Latest) Package Type Supplier NCID
Journal Title Journal Title (Alphabetical) Journal Title (Japanese Kana) ISSN E-ISSN URL of the list of volumes/numbers Volume(Oldest) Volume(Latest) Date of publication(Oldest) Date of publication(Latest) Conditions of provision of content* Supplier NCID
*The incorporation conditions for full texts are the same as the "conditions of provision"displayed by the titles in the list of journals (CiNii directory screen).
Multiple conditions are listed and separated by the character "|". In Japanese Only
ex): Subscription | Open Access

*If conditions are blank, the journal has either set the external link instead of PDF file or no full text.

Body of list.
NII大学医学会雑誌 The journal of the NII Medical University Association エヌアイアイ ダイガク イガッカイ ザッシ 0xxx-xxx 0xxx-xxxx http://… Volume30, Number1 Volume31, Number2 2002 2003 Subscription | Open Access NII Medical University Association ANxxxxxxxx
NII学院大学教養部紀要 The Journal of NII Gakuin University. Humanities & sciences エヌアイアイ ガクイン ダイガク キョウヨウブ キヨウ 0xxx-xxxx 0xxx-xxxx http://… Volume40, Number1 Volume52, Number4 1992 2005 Open Access NII Gakuin University ANxxxxxxxx
NII女子大学紀要. 文系編 The journal of NII Women's University エヌアイアイ ジョシ ダイガク キヨウ. ブンケイヘン 0xxx-xxxx 0xxx-xxxx http://… Volume27 Volume43 1987 2003 Open Access NII Women's University ANxxxxxxxx