KAKEN – Researcher Search

The database for ‘Researcher Search’ was created by primarily using the data registered on

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKEN) Database

and a part of the data registered on

  • Institutional Repositories DataBase (IRDB).

It automatically integrates the information on researchers and research products extracted from ‘Researcher Numbers’, DOIs, etc., stored on the above databases.
As the above databases can include inaccurate information, the search results on ‘Researcher Search’ may also include inaccuracies.

The researchers’ pages displayed in ‘KAKEN –Researcher Search’ are created based on ‘Researcher Numbers’.
Therefore, it does not return search results unless the researcher you are searching for meets the following criteria:

  • The researcher has a KAKEN Researcher Number.
  • The Research Project adopted under the Researcher Number is listed in ‘KAKEN - Search Research Projects’.

If you have noticed anything including inaccuracies, please contact us.
We will amend the data regularly based on your requests, and try to maintain the accuracy of the data as much as we can.