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About CiNii Dissertations

CiNii Dissertations is a database service that lets you search for information on dissertations written for doctoral degrees in Japan conferred by Japanese Universities and the National Institute for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education.
The search function uniformly covers dissertations made available in repositories of universities and other academic institutions in Japan as well as those archived in the National Diet Library.
Anyone can use the service without needing to register.
For details on use of the service, see CiNii Dissertations Help.

Features of CiNii Dissertations

  • Users can search from one place for approximately 600,000 dissertations in Japan.
  • If the full text of the paper has been digitally archived and made available, links are provided for viewing the text.
  • Various web APIs (application program interfaces) are supported, enabling access from other web services or systems.

How CiNii Dissertations data is prepared

CiNii Dissertations collects dissertation data from the databases listed below. Database integration is performed as an ongoing process.

Database Providing institution Description Coverage
NDL ONLINE National Diet Library

◎Bibliographic information only

Of the materials archived in the National Diet Library, covers Japanese doctoral dissertations.

NDL Digital Collection National Diet Library

◎Links to full text of paper

◎With Table of Contents

◎Availability levels are: Available on Internet/Distributed only to libraries/On premises only


  • Digital copies of dissertations submitted to the National Diet Library from FY1991 to FY2000
  • Dissertations for degrees granted in FY2013 and after, collected by the National Diet Library in electronic format


Institutional Repositories (IR) Universities

◎Links to full text of paper

◎Some with abstracts

A database of a university or other institution in Japan archiving and making available research output of members of that institution.

The National Institute of Informatics provides JAIRO as a comprehensive search service for Japanese IRs. Articles in JAIRO that are doctoral dissertations can also be searched from CiNii Dissertations.