[Institutional Fixed-Price Service] Renewals for 2007

For institutions with a contract for 2006, service will be automatically terminated in April if the contract is not renewed by March 31, 2007.
Please follow the procedures below to renew your institutional contract.

[Time period for renewal]
Thursday, February 1 -- Saturday, March 31, 2007
* The renewal period is limited to the above dates.

[Annual Fixed-Price Charges for the fiscal year 2007 (April, 2007 - March, 2008)]
The prices are the same as in FY 2006. (CiNii Service Usage Detailed Regulations (PDF))

[Conditions of content provision]
Provision conditions for each publication
Journals permitted under the Institutional Fixed-Price Service
*Please note that the page above is based on the conditions for this fiscal year. Journals that will have different conditions of provision next year will be announced on this page in early March.

[Confirm your current institutional data before renewal]
1. Login with your administrator ID and password at the page for administrative procedures
2. Click "Change institution data".
3. Confirm your current data.

[Renewal Procedures]
*The contract can be renewed via the website without any paperwork.

1. Login with your administrator ID and password at the page for administrative procedures
  Note 1: The administrator ID and password are stated in the notification that was sent to the contact person when the service started.
  Note 2: The administrator ID and password are not the same as the CiNii individual ID.
2. Click "Renewal application".
3. Read the "Usage Regulations" and click "I Agree".
4. Update your institutional data and click "Next". (Your data for 2006 will be saved separately.)
5. Confirm your renewed data and click "Next".
6. The contract renewal is complete. Please make a record of the displayed application number for any future inquiries.

[Site License Individual ID expiration]
Site License Individual IDs expire at the end of each fiscal year (March 31). If a user wishes to continue using their Site License Individual ID through the next fiscal year, they should renew their ID between April 1 and May 31, 2007. The Site License Individual ID is renewable only from a computer within the institution after April 1.

[System modification in 2006]
In 2006, CiNii functions have been expanded as follows in order to offer better services (some will be launched in 2007).

1. The CiNii website has a new design that enables users to navigate faster and easier.
  - In the detailed display pages, users can search by authors' names or keywords, or see the table of contents by clicking links.
  - Full text documents can be displayed with just a click.
  - New URL enables an easy link to certain article information.
2. Limiting searches to results containing the full text of a document is now possible.
3. Links to link resolvers or library OPACs, and links from link resolvers (OpenURL format) are now available.
4. Exporting function for bibliographic management software (EndNote, RefWorks, etc.) has been added.
5. Mutual links between the Japana Centra Revuo Medicina (Ichushi) are now available.
6. Detailed information pages including abstracts are available for everyone.
7. We are planning to expand the statistics available for institutions with the fixed-price contact.
8. We are planning to add full text document links to NII-REO (NII Repository of Electronic Journals and Online Publications) and CrossRef member publishers.

[Contact for Inquiries]
CiNii DeskNational Institute of Informatics (NII)
Tel: +81-(0)3-4212-2300
E-mail: user-request@nii.ac.jp