Renewal of Institutional Fixed-Price Service for 2010

Please take the procedures for the next fiscal year 2010 (April 2010 - March 2011)
Please renew the contract by March 31, 2010, or the service will be automatically terminated in April.
We look forward to having you as an institutional user in the next fiscal year.

1. Renewal of Institutional Fixed-price Service.
*Only for the Administrator of the institution who made contract CiNii Institutional Fixed-price Service.

[Time period]
Monday, February 1 - Wednesday, March 31, 2010
*The renewal period is limited only during the above dates.
[Price (April 2010 - march 2011)]
The price have not changed from those in FY 2009 (CiNii Terms of Use (PDF))
[Provision conditions of contents]
※Above page is based on current provision condition. If there are any changes for next year, we will inform about it in early March on this page
[To confirm your current institutional data]
  1. Login with your administrator ID and password at the administrator login page.
  2. Click "Change institution data".
  3. Change institution data page (This year's registered data is shown).
[Renewal Procedure]

Renewal can be done through the website without any paper procedure.

  1. Login with your administrator ID and password at the administrator login page.
    * The administrator ID is not the same as a CiNii individual ID.
    * Your Administrator ID and password are stated in the notification that has been sent to the contract person when the contract started.
    * If there are any changes for the current data, it needs to be modified before the renewal procedure.
  2. Click "Renewal application".
  3. Read the "Usage Regulations" and click "I Agree".
  4. Update your institutional data and click "Next". (Your data for 2009 will be saved separately.)
  5. Confirm your renewal data and click "Next".
  6. The contract renewal has been completed. Please save your application number displayed for any inquiries.

2. Renewal of Site License Individual ID
*For all the Site License Individual ID Users.

[Time period]
Thursday, April 1 - Monday, May 31, 2010.
* The renewal period is limited only during the above dates.
A Site License Individual ID is renewable only from a computer within the institution after April 1.
We will inform about the renewal of Site License Individual ID for the users by E-mail later.
* To check whether or not your institution has renewed its contract, please see FY 2010 renewal status list of Institutions with Fixed-Price Contracts.
[Payment method for Site License Individual ID]
We consolidated the payment methods to credit card payment only for Site License Individual ID.
Thank you for your understanding.

[For inquiries about CiNii in general]
CiNii Desk
National Institute of Informatics

[For inquiries about payment methods]
Account Team, Budget and Account Division