Additional functions of CiNii Books such as exact title match search

Upgraded features on February 16 include:

  1. Exact title match search
    In Advanced search mode, the searching option exact title match is now available. If the "exact title match" checkbox is selected it will search for materials that match the whole title to search string exactly (not include sub title).
    It is possible to perform a prefix search by putting an asterisk (*) after the search terms.
    For API users: With OpenSearch, an exact title match can be specified by using the parameter "title_exact=true".

  2. Additional search operators
    Now users can perform Boolean searches with additional logical operators same as CiNii Articles. AND searches can be performed by ampersand "&", OR by pipe "|" , NOT by placing a hyphen "-" before each term to negate.

  3. Exporting from the book/journal details page
    It is now possible to export article information in Refer/BibIX, BibTeX, or TSV format from the book/journal details page as well as from the search results page.

  4. Exporting in ISBD (International Standard Bibliographic Description) format
    Exporting in ISBD format is also available from the book/journal details page.

  5. URLs for Electronic book/journal
    URLs for Electronic books and journals have been added to the details section of the book/journal details page when the data contains a URL.

  6. The display format for each library's holding information has been changed in cases where one record includes multiple volumes
    The display format when the library is holding multiple volumes has been changed. The order has changed from item-by-item to volume-by-volume. There are three items for one volume, "Volume (vol. 1, vol. 2, etc)", "Classification", and "Registration Number (each library's registration number, etc.)".

    Before: v. 1, v. 2, v. 3, v. 4, v. 5, v. 6 801||1, 801||2, 801||3, 801||4, 801||5, 801||6 00111111, 00222222, 00333333, 00444444, 00555555, 00666666
    After: v. 1 801||1 00111111, v. 2 801||2 00222222, v. 3 801||3 00333333, v. 4 801||4 00444444, v. 5 801||5 00555555, v. 6 801||6 00666666

    If both the "Classification" and the "Registration No." fields are empty, the volume will not be displayed because it is considered as currently not being held.