New functions: Recognition of your institution on CiNii Books, exporting to reference manager, etc.

We are pleased to announce that the following functions are available from April 2.

  1. Recognition of your institution on CiNii Books

    The following will be displayed on Book & Journal Details Page if you are authenticated as an institutional user (accessing under IP addresses registered or logging in with Site License Individual IDs or Shibboleth IDs)

    • When your institution (universities etc.) is holding the book or journal, your library will be displayed on the top of libraries list.
    • Links for each institution such like link resolvers or other links set by libraries which already displayed on CiNii Articles will be also displayed at the "Search this Book / Journal in" area. (links by OpenURL format only.)
      *For Institutional Administrators: Links on CiNii Books will be updated once a week at early morning of Monday.

    User information such like you are institutional user or ID user and Login buttons are also displayed on CiNii Books now.

  2. Export to reference management software.

    You can directly export citations of articles and books/journals to RefWorks, EndNote (including EndNote Web) (*1), Mendeley (*2).
    *1: Plugin is needed to export to EndNote.
    *2: Now Mendeley is available only on CiNii Articles.

    Export is available from select list at left side on Search Result Pages and link at right side on Details Pages.

    Other export functions are also improved.
    RIS format is added to export format. All export format is now available on the screen (not downloading files).

  3. Other modifications

    Other functions added or modified are as follows.

    • Displaying DOIs
      If the article has the DOI, that will be displayed at "Codes" area on right side.

    • "Report a problem" function was added at Articles Details Pages.
      Reporting problem is available also on Details Pages as well as Search Result Pages. If there is any error in articles information, please notify us from "Report a problem" link at the lower right side.

    • Links to other sites are open as new windows (tabs.)
      Links to full texts in other sites such like Institutional Repositories, J-STAGE, links set by each institutions and exporting functions are now opened as new windows (tabs.)

    • Error of the sort by year is modified
      Note: This modify has been reflected on April 9 (JST)
      When the publication date has only year and month, it had been not ordered with which has year month and day.
      The problem was modified as the following order, 2011-01 -> 2011-01-dd -> 2011-02.

  • For Administrator of Institutional users.

    The following is updated for administrators if institutional users.

    • Links by NCIDs is now available on CiNii Articles.

      Links by NCIDs is added to the link to Online Catalogs functions as well as ISSN links. If you are using the Online Catalogs (OPAC) which can receive links by NCIDs, please set it.
      You can set both URL for NCID and ISSN. NCID is sent as a parameter primarily. If the record has no NCID, then ISSN will be sent. If only one of them is set, link icons will be displayed only records which have that data (NCID or ISSN).

  • For API users.

    The following is updated for administrators if institutional users.

    • Links by NCIDs is now available on CiNii Articles.
      It became possible to return RDF by judging from HTTP header without specifying its URL on CiNii Articles as well as CiNii Books.
      In the articles page (example:, author details page if a priority of "application/rdf+xml" is higher than others in the Accept field of a HTTP request header, it leads to URL of RDF.

Note: These improvements are not included to help files. Thank you for your patience.