New functions of CiNii Books: Sorting by title, Filtering by Foregin areas of holding libraries, etc.

Following four new functions on CiNii Books are now available from August 31, 2012.

  1. Sorting search results by title

    "Title (A-Z) " and "Title (Z-A) " was added to the options of change display order pull down menu on the right side of the book & journal search results page.

    If there is a transcription of the title in the record, it is used for sorting. (Transcription in Japanese kana is inputted in the case of Japanese or Chinese titles, transcription in Hangeul in the case of Korean titles)
    Also if there is a transcription of the author name in the records, it is used for sorting when choosing author name from change display order pull down menu on the author search results page.

  2. Refine the search by foreign areas of holding libraries.

    At the pull down menu of the Area for holding libraries in advanced search mode, the option outside Japan has changed from only "foreign" to each country. Now you can refine also by region like Europe or Asia and so on.

  3. Addition of transcription for special characters or specific languages such as Chinese, Arabic, etc.

    The pinyin in the case of Chinese title and the alphabet transcription (Romanized) in the case of Arabic, Thai, Devanagari or Cyrillic and other specifil language title has been added to title transcription and became searchable.
    You can search them in the free word or title field of the book & journal search and author search.

    For the users of NACSIS-CAT: "Variant Readings" fields of NACSIS-CAT has been displayed and included in the search.
    Mappings of search field to input field are as follows.

    • Book & Journal Search
      • Title : "Title and Statement of Responsibility Area (TR)", "Variant Titles (VT)", "Contents of Works (CW)"
      • Author : "Author Link (AL)"
      • Free word : all the above
    • Author Search
      • Author : "Uniform Heading (HDNG)", "'See From' Reference (SF)", "'See Also' From Reference (SAF)"
  4. Fixed errors which occurred when using back button of Internet Explorer

    When using the back button of Internet Explorer to return to the book & journal details page, there were errors that holding libraries' list was not refined and display of social media links was failed, but these errors were fixed.

Note: These improvements are not included to help files. Thank you for your patience.