New functions of CiNii Books: adding a search target for the content search, displaying the LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) at the book & journal details page, etc.

The following new functions are available on CiNii Books from May 15 (Thu.).

1. Adding a search target for the content search

Contents of works title can now be searched in "Content Search(Beta)” tab which was released in "New functions of CiNii Books:description and contents search, displaying author name transcription, supporting JSON-LD format and cross-domain asynchronous communication by API. (October 18, 2013)"

*For the users of NACSIS-CAT: "Contents of Works" title (CWT) field of NACSIS-CAT has been added as the search target for "Content Search (Beta)” tab.

2. Expansion of content search and display target data

For description and table of contents which became available from "Improvement of search specifications for the CiNii Books, displaying table of contents and uniform titles (May 23, 2013) “ the additional past data from January 1991 to December 2005 of the "BOOK” database have been incorporated and users are now able to use the information on more books.

3. Displaying the LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) at the book & journal details page and adding the API response field

The LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) is now displayed at "Details" area on the right side of book & journal details page and linked to the bibliographic information which is created and controlled by the Library of Congress.

The data of LCCN can be acquired through the API in the format of RDF/JSON. (<bibo:lccn>, <rdfs:seeAlso>) Also, simple search by LCCN is available.

Fig. 1: Example of displaying LCCN "From clergyman to don : the rise of the academic profession in nineteenth-century Oxford"

4. Changes of English display names of library information

Display names of codes displayed at the right side of library information page have been changed.

  • (before) Loan Service → (after) Domestic Loan Service
  • (before) Copy Service → (after) Domestic Copy Service
  • (before) FAX Service  → (after) Domestic FAX Service