Announcement of changes of CiNii service contents

With NII-ELS (National Institute of Informatics Electronic Library Service) ends, CiNii will be renewal to focus on offering CiNii Full-text PDF Open Access and support discovery of academic information. Therefore, CiNii will terminate Institutional Fixed-price Service and Site License Individual ID. The details are as follows.

1. Termination of service

  • CiNii Institutional Fixed-price Service
  • CiNii Individual ID and CiNii Site License Individual ID
  • Pay Per View

2. Ending day

  • March 31, 2017 (tentative date)

3. Continued service

  • Search for academic information of articles by CiNii Articles
     * Even if contents transferred from NII-ELS to J-STAGE Lite (tentative database name), we will provide article information and links to Full- text PDF
  • Search for books and journal information from holding libraries by CiNii Books
  • Customization features by Institution authentication (OPAC / links to resolver, priority display of holding library information)

4. Details for NII-ELS ending