Renewal of user interface design, and displaying link to journal's full-text on CiNii Books on a trial basis

User interface design of CiNii has renewed and new functions are available on Nov. 4, 2014.

We hope that renewed CiNii will be useful for you.

(1) Renewal of user interface design

Based on user feedbacks we have received, we have made renewal of User Interface Design. The main changes are as follows.

  • Green is for CiNii Articles, and blue is for CiNii Books. By separating basic colors clearly, it becomes easier to recognize which CiNii services you are using.
  • Increased the size of operation buttons and entry fields in order to operate easily from tablet-type devices.
  • Improved to grasp reactions on social media by locating Tweet or Facebook button in the upper right corner of the screen at the CiNii Articles Details Page or the CiNii Books Details Page.
  • Started to link to available Journals (including external links) on a trial basis at the Journals Details Page at CiNii Books (For more details, please refer to the following page.).
  • Distinguished displaying link button "Access this Article" at the Journals Details Page helps you to access easily to Full-Text.
  • Update Information from CiNii, Help at CiNii Articles or CiNii Books are provided by ”NII Support Academic Information Services”.

Figure 1: Renewed User Interface. Upper image is for CiNii Articles,and lower image is for CiNii Books

As of November 4, we have not been able to provide optimized design for smartphones yet, however we will consider the introduction positively.

(2) Link to Full-Text from CiNii Books (Trial basis)

Journals which have electronic editions, discloses link button at the Journals Details Page at CiNii Books, and we have just started to link to Full-Text from CiNii Books on a trial basis.

Figure 2: Link button to Full-Text for instance;"情報処理"

By clicking to colored orange buttons “Access to Electronic Journals”, transits automatically to a web page that Full-Text is belonging to. You can check conditions of use for Electronic Journals on link buttons (Open Access, Paid contents and so on). If a Full-Text is disclosed as Open Access, it is available to read it at a linked page.

At the time of November 4,2014, release day, the following journals are available to link to Full-Text.

Note: Due to a trial basis, there could be some link errors and broken links. Thank you for your patience.

(3) Disclosure of Journal Call Number at the Journals Details Page in CiNii Books

You can check Journal Call Number (CLN) at the Journal Details Page in CiNii Books. It will be disclosed in a red frame after displaying volume or acceptance continuation at holding libraries of the Journals Details Page.

Figure 3:Journals Call Number for instance("情報処理学会論文誌"

(4) Addition of search function by Author ID at CiNii Articles

It is available to search with Author ID (NRID) at CiNii Articles.

Simple Search, “Author ID” of Advanced Search Box, Search from “Author Search” tab, OpenSearch for Articles or OpenSearch for Authors are acceptable this function.

Note: These improvements are not included to help files. Thank you for your patience.