Renewal of Institutional Fixed-Price Service for 2015 has started from February 1

Please take the procedures for the next fiscal year 2015 (April 2015 - March 2016).

Please renew the contract by March 31, 2015, or the service will be automatically terminated in April.

We look forward to having you as an institutional user in the next fiscal year.

1. Renewal of Institutional Fixed-price Service.

*Only for the Administrator of the institution who made contract CiNii Institutional Fixed-price Service.

[Time period]

Sunday, February 1 - Tuesday, March 31, 2015

* The renewal period is limited only during the above dates.

[Price (April 2015 - March 2016)]

CiNii Terms of Use (PDF)

[To confirm your current institutional data]

  1. Login with your administrator ID and password at the Administrator login page.
  2. Click "Change institution data".
  3. Change institution data page (This year's registered data is shown).

[Renewal Procedure]

Renewal can be done through the website without any paper procedure.

  1. Login with your administrator ID and password at the Administrator login page.
    * Your Administrator ID and password are stated in the notification that has been sent to the contract person when the contract started.
    * If there are any changes for the current data, it needs to be modified before the renewal procedure.
  2. Click "Renewal application".
  3. Read the "Usage Regulations" and click "I Agree".
  4. Update your institutional data and click "Next". (Your data for 2014 will be saved separately.)
  5. Confirm your renewal data and click "Next".
  6. The contract renewal has been completed. Please save your application number displayed for any inquiries.

2. About function enhancement of CiNii on the fiscal year 2014

The new and upgraded features of CiNii on the fiscal year 2014 are below:

[Renewal of user interface design]

Based on user feedbacks we have received, we have made renewal of User Interface Design. The main changes are as follows.

  • Green is for CiNii Articles, and blue is for CiNii Books. By separating basic colors clearly, it becomes easier to recognize which CiNii services you are using.
  • Increased the size of operation buttons and entry fields in order to operate easily from tablet-type devices.
  • Improved to grasp reactions on social media by locating Tweet or Facebook button in the upper right corner of the screen at the CiNii Articles Details Page or the CiNii Books Details Page.
  • Distinguished displaying link button "Access this Article" at the Journals Details Page helps you to access easily to Full-Text.

[Adding of textual data to Full text PDF on CiNii Articles]

Full text PDF (approximately 4 million) in CiNii Articles created from scanning print products was added of textual data, so that you could do text search on PDF viewer. Search from ”Full Text Search” tab is also available.

*Textual data is added automatically with OCR(Optical Character Reader). Some articles may not be added textual data depending on its circumstances. We appreciate for your understanding.

[All incorporated articles information on J-STAGE became available on CiNii Articles]

J-STAGE by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) have allowed to incorporate article information by permissions from academic societies and link to full-text PDF on J-STAGE so far. Due to change a policy of incorporated articles on J-STAGE, we are pleased to let you know all incorporated articles information on J-STAGE have become available to incorporate and search on CiNii Articles.

[Link to Full-Text from CiNii Books (Trial basis)]

Journals which have electronic editions, discloses link button at the Journals Details Page at CiNii Books, and we have just started to link to Full-Text from CiNii Books on a trial basis.

Figure: Link button to Full-Text for instance;"情報処理"

By clicking to colored orange buttons “Access to Electronic Journals”, transits automatically to a web page that Full-Text is belonging to. You can check conditions of use for Electronic Journals on link buttons (Open Access, Paid contents and so on). If a Full-Text is disclosed as Open Access, it is available to read it at a linked page.

At the time of November 4,2014, release day, the following journals are available to link to Full-Text.

  • Electronic Library Service Academic Society Journals and Electronic Library Service Research Bulletins at CiNii Articles : Approximately 4,800 titles
  • J-STAGE : Approximately 1,700 titles
  • ERDB (Information of Open Access Journals of mainly domestic publication which are input and maintained by staff members of university libraries who participate ERDB project): Approximately 11,300 titles

Note: Due to a trial basis, there could be some link errors and broken links. Thank you for your patience.

3. Renewal of Site License Individual ID

* For all the Site License Individual ID Users.

[Time period]

Wednesday, April 1 - Sunday, May 31, 2015.

* The renewal period is limited only during the above dates.


A Site License Individual ID is renewable only from a computer within the institution after April 1. We will inform about the renewal of Site License Individual ID for the users by E-mail later.

* To check whether or not your institution has renewed its contract, please see FY 2015 renewal status list of Institutions with Fixed-Price Contracts.

4. Others

[Provision conditions of contents]

* Above page is based on current provision condition. If there are any changes for next year, we will inform about it in early April on this page.

[Announcement of changes of CiNii service contents]

With NII-ELS (National Institute of Informatics Electronic Library Service) ends, CiNii will be renewal to focus on offering CiNii Full-text PDF Open Access and support discovery of academic information. Therefore, CiNii will terminate Institutional Fixed-price Service and Site License Individual ID. The details are as follows.

*Attention: FY 2015 CiNii Service will be the same as 2014. Please renew the contract if you'd like to continue using CiNii Institutional Fixed-Price Service.

  • Ending day: March 31, 2017 (tentative date)
  • Termination of service
    • CiNii Institutional Fixed-price Service
    • CiNii Individual ID and CiNii Site License Individual ID
    • Pay Per View
  • Continued service
    • Search for academic information of articles by CiNii Articles
    • Search for books and journal information from holding libraries by CiNii Books
    • Customization features by Institution authentication
      (OPAC / links to resolver, priority display of holding library information)

Details for NII-ELS ending


[For inquiries about CiNii in general]

CiNii Desk
National Institute of Informatics


[For inquiries about payment methods]

Finance and Accounting Team, General Affairs Division