【CiNii Individual ID】Future plans for change of CiNii service

Thank you for your usage of CiNii.

With termination of NII-ELS (National Institute of Informatics Electronic Library Service), CiNii will be renewal to focus on offering CiNii Full-text PDF Open Access and support discovery of academic information.
Therefore, we will inform you again that CiNii will also terminate Individual ID which you use now.


【IMPORTANT】Expiration date of Individual ID

Associated with Individual ID service end, the expiration date is changed.

  • ID which is renewed after 2 March 2016 and the expiration date is after 1 April 2016.
  • ID which is newly applied after 2 April 2016.

The expiration date of ID that is true of the above will be March 2017.
For convenience of the system, the expiration date which is described on a completion email of your application will be 31 March 2017.
However, there is possibility to end much earlier on March 2017.
The annual registration fee is 2,160 yen.
The above reason, usage period may be shorter than one year.
Accepting that the annual registration fee cannot be refunded or reduced in advance, please apply to Individual ID.


For more information about service change of CiNii

For more information about service change of CiNii are as follows. Please read through it.

Termination day of paid service: March 2017 (tentative date)

* The exact termination day will be informed on CiNii-News.

Termination of service

  •  CiNii Individual ID and CiNii Site License Individual ID
  •  Pay Per View
  •  CiNii Institutional Fixed-Price Service

Continued service

  • Search and link for academic information of articles by CiNii Articles
  • Search for books and journal information from holding libraries by CiNii Books
  • Search for information of doctoral dissertations in Japan by CiNii Dissertations
  • Customization features by Institution authentication(OPAC / links to resolver, priority display of holding library information)

Background of Individual ID termination

CiNii can be searched information by anyone without registration.
 Individual ID has advantage that paid full text content can be viewed at lower rates than with Pay Per View.
 With the termination of NII-ELS, CiNii plans to move paid full text contents to other database.
 For this reason, CiNii will also terminate to release paid full text contents.

Confirm conditions of use

Conditions for provision of full text content; Open Access, Subscription, Paid can be confirmed on the below pages.

  • CiNii Full Text Journal Directory
  • Open Access Journals
    • Above pages are based on the conditions of this year.
      As for journals that conditions are changed in the next fiscal year, we will announce on News page in the early April.
    • Condition for provision; "Open Access" can be viewed without registration.
      "Subscription" and "Paid" can be viewed by paying per article using individual ID or the Pay Per View service.

We would greatly appreciate if our users without Individual ID consider using PPV.
PPV will also terminate on March 2017 as same as Individual ID.


Contact to

National Institute of informatics
CiNii Desk
E-mail: user-request[at]nii.ac.jp