Stop of Data Update and API User Registration

 CiNi plans to replace system at the end of fiscal year 2016.
 Because of this, CiNii will stop updating data temporarily as follows.
 CiNii service will be on service as usual.

1. Data Update

CiNii Articles

  • Data update will stop from March 20 (Mon.)
  • Data update will be restarted from April 17 (Mon.)

CiNii Books

  • NACSIS-CAT data on March 11 (Sat.) will be provided.
  • Because of this, the data update will stop from March 13 (Mon.) to April 2 (Sun.)
  • Data update will be conducted after April 3 (Mon.)

CiNii Dissertations

  • Monthly data update on March will stop.
  • Monthly data update on April will be conducted as usual.

2. CiNii Web API User Registration

 CiNii Web API User Registration will be unavailable from 18:00 March 16 (Thu.) to 9:00 March 27 (Mon.).

 We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.