【From 17:00 Thursday, December 14th】Always-on SSL (HTTPS connection)

National Institute of Informatics corresponds to always-on SSL (HTTPS connection) on CiNii Articles・CiNii Books・CiNii Dissertations from 17:00 Thursday, December 14th for the safe use of CiNii.

URL of CiNii after correspondence to always-on SSL is as follow.
Now: http://ci.nii.ac.jp
After correspondence to always-on SSL: https://ci.nii.ac.jp

The connection to the URL so far is automatically redirected (address conversion), so it can be used as before. Changing bookmarks etc is unnecessary.

User for Web API
Web API is also corresponded to always-on SSL on the same day. The connection by HTTP is redirected to HTTPS. In addition, the URL of CiNii included in the response of the Web API is as before (character string including http://ci.nii.ac.jp) for the time being.