[Deadline: End of January 2022] Confirmation of continued use of institutional authentication by integrating Japanese articles into research

As announced, CiNii Articles will be integrated into CiNii Research on April 1.2022. Refer to the following page for details.

Until January 31, 2022, CiNii Research is confirming whether or not to continue to use the Institution authentication, since its own institutional authentication will be provided.

If you would like to continued use, please e-mail us < ciradmin@nii.ac.jp > with Institution name and Administrator ID (ID starting with SLM, optional if unknown) by January 31, 2022.

For institutions that do not wish to continue (or have not been notified of their wish to continue), the banners of OPAC and link resolver set by each institution and the priority display of your own library data in CiNii Books will not be displayed after the integration. In order to display it again after April 2022, it is necessary to apply for new Institutional Authentication.