New functions: Directly export to Mendeley from search results, and addition of targets in CiNii Books search

CiNii Articles / Cinii Books services have improved and added as follows.

(1) New functions: Directly export to Mendeley from search results

A number of search results chosen on the results pages (The article search results page/The full text search results page in CiNii Articles, Books & journal search results page/the content search results page on CiNii Books) can be exported to Mendeley now.

Previously, that couldn't be chosen and exported more than one.

(2) New functions: Display a number of search results by ISBD in CiNii Books

Check some search results on the results pages and select "Show ISDB", and then a number of search results can be displayed with ISBD.

(3)Expansion of content search and display target data in CiNii Books

For description and table of contents which became available from "Improvement of search specifications for the CiNii Books, displaying table of contents and uniform titles (May 10, 2013) ", "New functions of CiNii Books: adding a search target for the content search, displaying the LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) at the book & journal details page, etc. (May 16, 2014)" the additional past data from January 1986 to December 1990 of the "BOOK" database have been incorporated and users are now able to use the information on all books.