Conditions preview of CiNii fulltext is now available.

Now you can check the condition of CiNii Fulltext (for free or not) on Search Results and Article Details pages.

Open AccessFree of charge for everyone.
SubscriptionMembers under institutional contract can see it for free.
Other users can purchase the fulltext.
Clicking the button take subscribed users to the fulltext. Other users will proceed to the log in/pay-per-view selection screen.
If there is a "Subscription" button on upper right of your screen, you can use as subscripted user.
PaidYou can purchase the fulltext.
Clicking the button take you to selection window. You can pay by pay-per-view or login with your ID.
If you had login, charge confirmation window will be displayed.
LimitedNot available for a certain period after issue by the Academic Society's policy.

The preview of condition might have lag behind actual condition of the fulltext.
Because the conditions is updated each day, but the previews' updates is weekly.

Users can use as members under institutional contract by the following way.

  1. Access from IP addresses which registered as the addresses of contracted institution.
  2. Login with Site License Individual IDs. (Please sign up the ID from the institution in advance.)
  3. Login with institutions' IDs (Shibboleth login with GakuNin or UK-fed.)*
    * Setup by institutions is required.
For details about user categories see "About User Categories"of Help.