CiNii Articles - User Categories

CiNii Articles users are able to search article and to view citation/abstract without registration for free.
By “Institutional Authentication” or “Institutional Login (Shibboleth authentication)”, additional service is provided as follows.

User category 1 - Teaching staff or student which belongs to authentication institution

  • Member of institution with Institutional Authentication can use all functions without ID by accessing CiNii from the network of your institution.
  • With your Institutional Login(Shibboleth authentication), the benefits offered to member of the institution apply.
  Details are “Institutional Authentication”

User category 2 - Individual ID

  • Individual ID can be obtained by everyone as well as the member of Authentication institution.
  • There is no expanding function by obtaining Individual ID at 1 April, 2017 now.
  Details are “Usage of Individual ID"

User category 3 – User who is not a member of authentication institution without ID

  • Searching article and viewing citation/abstract are available without ID