FAQ - Questions about the Institutional Authentication

NII has started to provide statistics in accordance with COUNTER guidelines since April 2006.

The Institutional Login is the system that allows authorization between an university and providers so the members of the university can use several provider services with single sign-on. The ID should be supplied by the university.
In Japan, "GakuNin" is the federation for universities (academic institutions) and providers.
It constructs a framework of the Shibboleth authentication.
GakuNin accept an entry from universities, please see [GakuNin] page for more details. From abroad, users of UK Federation also can use Institutional Login.

Go to the "Institutional authentication" page.

Institutional authentication:

A certain amount of time is required for system registration and connection testing. Please ensure your application form arrives at NII no later than the 20th of the month before the month you wish to start the service. If this is delayed, please contact user-request@nii.ac.jp

From the e-mail address registered as the administrator, send a change request to user-request@nii.ac.jp, including the name of your institution.
Please note that we cannot accept requests from anyone other than the registered administrator. Should the administrator change, please see How can we change the registered information for our Institutional authentication? for more information.

(1) Login into the Administrator login Page with the administrator ID.
(2) Choose "Change institution data"
(3) View of "Change institution data"
Note that "Category", "Name", "Number of Full-Time Teaching Staff/Researchers" and "IP Address" cannot be edited here.
To change those information, the administrator should contact us [user-request@nii.ac.jp] directly from the registered e-mail address.

*The administrator ID is not the same as the CiNii Individual ID.
*The administrator ID was sent to the administrator by email when the Institutional authentication was received.
*If you forget your administrator ID or password, email us [user-request@nii.ac.jp] from the registered email address.

The contract may be renewed on the internet at the end of the Japanese fiscal year (February-March).

Institutional authentication renewal procedures

Please note that service for the next fiscal year will be automatically terminated unless you renew the contract.

The contract may be terminated on the internet.

Walk-in users, in public libraries for example, can use CiNii within an institutional authentication.

Yes, a librarian can perform searches on behalf of a user at a library counter as part of the library’s reference services.
Also, the librarian may provide the user with access to CiNii full text contents. In that case, the library may collect a surcharge from the user.

For more information on how to apply for an ID as a librarian, see: Can an ID be applied with a library's name?

*Note: When a librarian provides users with CiNii content, it should be done in accordance with the regulations.

The Institution which has contract of CiNii Institutional authentication can set the Shibboleth authentication. Please see below how to setting.
(Now CiNii is accepting only users of GakuNin (Japan) and UK Federation. Please ask service desk if you want to use institutional login from other federations.)

(1) Log into Administrator login
(2) Click "Change Institution Data"
(3) Select "Yes" at the [Shibboleth authentication] section
(4) E-mail confirming approval setting is sent
(5) Setting has been completed

If "jao", "jaou", "o" and "ou" field of Shibboleth Authentication IdP is different from the institution's name registered for Institutional authentication, adding alias settings linkage to your Shibboleth authentication is necessarily. Please continue the procedure below.

(1) Log into Administrator login
(2) Click "Additional setting of Shibboleth"
(3) Enter the jao, jaou etc. at the additional setting column. Then click "Next" and "OK".
(4) Changes completed.