CiNii Articles - Metadata and API - About the OpenURL Receiving Function for CiNii Articles

Specifications for the OpenURL receiving function

  • The base URL is:
  • Bibliographical information described in OpenURL 1.0 can be received.(*Please note that OpenURL 0.1 is not supported.)
  • Use UTF-8 for character encoding.
  • CiNii only accepts the following parameters. Other parameters are invalid and will be ignored.
  • No. Item Name Parameter Name Remarks
    1 DOI Number rft_id ex. rft_id=info:doi/<doi number>
    2 ISSN rft.issn ISSN containing alphabetic characters cannot be searched.
    3 e-ISSN rft.eissn
    4 Author last name rft.aulast
    5 Author first name rft.aufirst
    6 Author initial rft.auinit
    7 Author middle initial rft.auinitm Both parameters are used for author last name and author first name. It would be not counted which field is filled.
    8 Author first name initial rft.auinit1
    9 Author name
    10 Author affiliation rft.aucorp
    11 Article title rft.atitle
    12 Journal title rft.jtitle
    13 Volume rft.volume
    14 Issue rft.issue
    15 Page rft.pages when you enter "rft.pages=x-y", search as "start page=x" OR "end page=y"
    16 Start page rft.spage
    17 End page rft.epage
    18 Date of publication
    19 NCID or NAID(NII article ID) rfe_dat Example)
  • A different page will be displayed depending on the search condition.
    • If the search returns only one article (including when NAID is specified) ・・・ Article Details Page
    • If the search parameters are set for journals only (ISSN, eISSN, NCID, Journal Name)・・・ the journal's page in "CiNii Journal with full text Directory"
    • For conditions other than the above ・・・ Article Search Results
    * For 1 and 3, when a search yields no results, "0 results" is displayed; for 2, the top page of CiNii Journal with full text Directory is displayed.
  • Description example)