FAQ - Questions about links with external systems

Of the information provided by CiNii, bibliographic information held by NII-ELS can be imported by BibTex and Endnote. Data other than NII-ELS is not compatible with bibliographic management software.

Yes. CiNii is able to be linked to other websites and systems using OpenURL as follows:

(1) Institutions with fixed-price contracts are able to set links between their OPAC, systems such as link resolvers (a system that links article information in a database to library OPACs or full text resources) and CiNii Articles by using OpenURL.
CiNii is compatible with OpenURL 1.0 and 0.1.
*Note: Only the administrators of the institutions with fixed-price contracts are able to set such links.
For details, see: About the OpenURL Sending Function.

(2) Describing a link in the OpenURL format enables links between each record on CiNii to link resolvers, etc.
For details, see: About the OpenURL Receiving Function for CiNii Articles, About the OpenURL Receiving Function for CiNii Books.

Users can set links between CiNii and their OPACs by using ISSN.

*This function is for only for institutions with fixed-price contracts. Administrators can set it from the settings page for institutions.
For more details, see "About the OpenURL Sending Function".

Libraries connected to the online cataloging system (NACSIS-CAT) are able to set and display a link to their OPACs on CiNii Books by adding the data to information on connected library of NACSIS-CAT database, if their OPAC can receive NCID as a parameter.

For details, please check the page below.
"I cannot click on the "OPAC" button".

You can check updates on the results of an OpenSearch keyword search if you register it to RSS reader etc..

For more details, see OpenSearch at "Metadata and API" page.