FAQ - 外部システムとの連携について

Isn’t the icon of OPAC link gray? You can click only on the icon of green OPAC link.
Direct link to OPAC is set by each library, please ask the library directly about each OPAC links.

About the method of setting up the link to OPAC directly in each library, please see the following page.

About the maintenance of libraries file associated with the release of CiNii Books

We update the data of CiNii Books at the time of closing time on Saturday in predawn on following Monday. OPAC link is also in the same fashion.

All bibliographic information of books and journals can be exported by Refer/BibIx format which can be imported to EndNote and Refworks etc., BibTex format and TSV format. Of the information provided by CiNii, bibliographic information held by NII-ELS can be imported by BibTex and Endnote. Data other than NII-ELS is not compatible with bibliographic management software.

The link in OpenURL format can be received in CiNii Books.
For more details, see "About the OpenURL Receiving Function for CiNii Books"

Please resister from API User Registration regarding system link.

Yes, you can.
There are several ways to link. Linking directly to Book & Journal Details Page using NCID or linking to URL of search results using OpenURL.

In case of direct link using NCID, please use URL of

For more details, see "About the OpenURL Receiving Function for CiNii Books ".

Please resister from API User Registration in use of API (OpenURL, OpenSearch, RDF). Please register in the unit of a university or a library.