CiNii - Metadata and API - API User Registration

About CiNii Web API User Registration

If you want to use APIs like OpenSearch or RDF, please register through the following form and obtain the application ID.
Please access along the following way.

Access disobedient to the following way may be blocked without notice.
Please note that huge accesses in short time which affect other users may be blocked without notice even if it is a usage along the following way.

CiNii Web API Developer Registration

* The system of Application ID has been changed since November 9th, 2011. You can’t access to CiNii Books API with the old Application ID. If you want to use CiNii Books API, please obtain the new ID.

* If you want to link from OPACs at a library, please see "CiNii Books Help - Frequently Asked Questions 3.4 Can I set links from OPACs at a library?"

* CiNii Web API Developer Registration is linked to ‘KAKEN: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Database’, and thus, the obtained Application ID will be required for using KAKEN API as well.

How to use the application ID

Please add the following parameter to the Open API (OpenSearch, RDF, JSON and OpenURL) parameters.
About RDF or JSON, please add the parameter after " " or " ".

appid Application ID(appid) issued by CiNii Web API User Registration


  1. Please do not include appid in URL when you lead user’s browses to CiNii page(*) by link or redirection.
  2. Even if you request to APIs by POST method, please give the appid parameter as query string in URI.
(*) Each page of "" or "" (including permalink of bibliographic details)

Before using API

For the time being, the following is operated as basic rules. Please note it.
Please note that in case you don’t follow those rules, your access may be blocked or your registration may be canceled.
If you want to use CiNii at a commercial site or for other purposes, please mail to before your application for API use.

  1. Agree with Academic Content Service Usage Regulations and CiNii Research Usage Detailed Regulations and Academic Content Service Web API Usage Detailed Regulations (In CiNii Books API, agree with Academic Content Service Usage Regulations only).
  2. Don't infringe on third person’s copyright with the application you create. In addition, when API registrant use the work which a third person has the right, you need to get consent to the copyright holder concerned beforehand.
  3. Claims, disputes, etc. about the created application, you API registrant need to correspond by yourself.
  4. Don't perform a lot of access with the application you create in a short time which affects other users of our institute or others.
  5. If you use the data of our institute offering through CiNii and other services, you should abide by Copyright Act or other regulations and deal with them appropriately.
  6. The application you create should not include the following contents.
      (1) Expressions which infringes on the intellectual property rights of our institute or others.
      (2) Expressions with a possibility of damaging of our institute or others.
      (3) Expressions with a possibility of being offensive to public order and morals.
      (4) Expressions which is at variance with the fact obviously.
      (5) Other than those above, expressions our institute think inappropriate.