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Terms of Use

CiNii is managed by the National Institute of Informatics (NII). When you use CiNii, it is regarded as you are agreed to Academic Content Service Usage Regulations and CiNii Articles Usage Detailed Regulations. Please be sure to read both of them before using.

Copyright Policy

CiNii incorporates data from the databases provided by various institutions. Copyright holders for each database are as follows.

CiNii Articles

Database Copyright Holder
NII-ELS Electronic Library Service Academic Society Journals National Institute of Informatics
NII-ELS Electronic Library Service Research Bulletins National Institute of Informatics and others
CJP (Citation Database for Japanese Publications) National Institute of Informatics
J-STAGE Japan Science and Technology Agency
Institutional Repository Universities, etc.
Japanese Periodicals Index National Diet Library
Japanese Agricultural Sciences Index Tsukuba Office, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council Secretariat
Ichushi Web Japan Medical Abstracts Society
CrossRef CrossRef
Nikkei BP Magazine Archive Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
IPS Digital Library Information Processing Society of Japan
JSAI Archives The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
PSJ Online Journals The Physical Society of Japan
JSAP Online Journals The Japan Society of Applied Physics

CiNii Books

Database Copyright Holder
NII Union Catalogue Database (NACSIS-CAT) National Institute of Informatics
Released as Open Data licensed by Creative Commons LicenseAttribution 4.0 International of Creative Commons.
BOOK Database TOHAN co.,Ltd, Nippon Shuppan Hanbai Inc., Nichigai Associates, Inc., Kinokuniya Company Ltd
Nielsen Book Data Nielsen Book Services Limited

CiNii Dissertations

Database Copyright Holder
NDL-OPAC National Diet Library
NDL Digital Collection National Diet Library
Institutional Repository Universities, etc.

Release of NACSIS-CAT records with CC-BY license

NACSIS-CAT records on CiNii Books are available as Open Data licensed by Attribution 4.0 International of Creative Commons. We offer in two different ways, CiNii Books API and Dataset.

For users of CiNii Books API, please refer to ”Metadata and API”. For users of Dataset, please refer to "Release of NACSIS-CAT records (Written in Japanese).".

Reprint Policy

Reprinting for each CiNii page on printing media, electronic media (CD-ROMs, websites, etc.), VTR, broadcasting and Video are required to send a mail to [] in advance. We will let you know about its procedures. You are allowed to distribute a small number of printing media for introducing CiNii in your university or library without prior notice.

Linking Policy

Static linking is for free to use without permission. However, it is necessary to clearly state the service is provided by the National Institute of Informatics (NII). URL on CiNii may be subject to change without notice.

The following URL is available to link. Actual data is needed to enter in the part of italicized font.
For example:<NAID(NII Article ID)>/(→

CiNii Articles

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  • Top Page・・・
  • Article Details Page (Japanese)・・・<NII Article ID (NAID)>
  • Article Details Page・・・<NII Article ID (NAID)>/en
  • Author Details Page (Japanese)・・・<NII Author ID (NRID)>
  • Author Details Page・・・<NII Author ID (NRID)>/en
  • OpenURL format (OpenURL1.0)・・・Please refer to “OpenURL Receiving Function for CiNii Atricles”

CiNii Books

  • Top Page (Japanese)・・・
  • Top Page・・・
  • Book & Journal Details Page (Japanese)・・・<NACSIS-CAT Bibliographic ID (NCID)>
  • Book & Journal Details Page・・・<NACSIS-CAT Bibliographic ID (NCID)>?l=en
  • Author Details Page (Japanese)・・・<NACSIS-CAT Author ID>
  • Author Details Page・・・<NACSIS-CAT Author ID>?l=en
  • Libraries Information Details Page (Japanese)・・・<Library ID>
  • Libraries Information Details Page・・・<Library ID>?l=en
  • OpenURL format (OpenURL1.0)・・・Please refer to “OpenURL Receiving Function for CiNii Books”

CiNii Dissertations

  • Top Page (Japanese)・・・
  • Top Page・・・
  • Dissertation Details Page(Japanese)・・・<NII Article ID (NAID)>
  • Dissertation Details Page・・・<NII Article ID (NAID)>?l=en
  • OpenURL format (OpenURL1.0)・・・[Coming Soon]

System Linkage

CiNii provides Web API (Application Program Interface) for system linkages. For more details, please refer to ”Metadata and API”.

To use API, confirm “Metadata and API-API User Registration”, then register and get your application ID for API.