FAQ - CiNii Booksで検索できる図書・雑誌について

CiNii books covers books and journals information only which registered to NACSIS-CAT/ILL system within all books and journals held by university libraries and other libraries in Japan. You may not be able to search in the following cases.
・ University library doesn’t hold the material.
・ Bibliographic data of the material is not registered online, such as old books.
・ Bibliographic data of the material was made without using the "NACSIS-CAT/ILL system".

CiNii Books records only the information of journal title units. Although you can search for journal title, publisher or the information about the journal, you can’t search for the information of article or units of the journal. Please search for the article in CiNii Articles.

ex)Jun Adachi "new deployment of SPARC Japan" SPARC Japan news letter When (8), 1, and 2011-04

    "SPARC Japan news letter"(Journal title) , "National Institute of Informatics"(Publisher) → It can be searched in CiNii Books
    "Jun Adachi"(author’s name), "new deployment of SPARC Japan"(Article title), "2011"(Publication year of article) → It can be searched in CiNii Articles