CiNii Articles - User Guide - Author Details Page

About Author Details Page

※Author Details page has automatic redirect function. In case of the page was deleted by the data unification, access to the page will be redirected to the unified page.


A Author details information

Author name, author ID, affiliated institution and research fields is displayed. The same family name same name author's link is put, and the author search results is displayed when clicking.


B Articles List

Articles list of CiNii Articles connected by the author.The display is the same as the Article Search Results.


C Link to external site

Link to the result of author search at the external site. In case of some authors whose IDs (starting from 1) have been already completed unification, link to the author's page directly.

Researcher resolver
ReaD & Researchmap
Google Scholar
Microsoft Academic Search
Yahoo! JAPAN

D Related Authors

This is a list of related authors of articles in the articles lists. Related authors search results with browsing are displayed when clicking.


E Related Journals

This is a list of related journals of articles in the article lists. Related journals search results  with browsing are displayed when clicking.