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CiNii Articles JSON-LD for Authors Information Format Specification

※This is a Beta version therefore Format Specification may be subject to change hereafter depending on user feedbacks. Please be advised before using.

When you access to the following URI, you can obtain the data with JSON-LD format. What information you can obtain is as the same as "CiNii Articles RDF for Authors Information".<Author ID>.json (For example:

Content Negotiation is also acceptable. Even if JSON-LD URI is not be specified, JSON-LD will respond by recognition from HTTP header. In the Article Details Page (For example:, specification of "application/json" or "application/ld+json" in accept field of HTTP request header has much priority than any other specifications, it will induce automatically to URI of JSON-LD.

"Access-Control-Allow-Origin*" is required on http header for response, and it is available to use asynchronous communication between cross domains.


Format Specification

No. Tag Name Type Required Contents Remarks
First level Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level
1 @context         Object Required Document route element "@context":{
2   rdfs         Required
3   dc         Required
4   foaf         Required
5 @id           Required URI of Author JSON-LD Indicates the URI of Author JSON-LD (except parameter of appid)
6 @graph         Array Required   Element count of array is 1
7   @id           URI of Author "#me" is added to URI in Author Details Page
8   @type             Fixed"foaf:Person"
9   foaf:isPrimaryTopicOf       Object   Description of URI for Author JSON-LD Indicates the URI of Author JSON-LD(except parameter of appid)
10     @id         URI of Author JSON-LD  
11   foaf:name       Array   Description of Author name Example:
{"@value":"大向 一輝"},
{"@value":"OHMUKAI IKKI","@language":"en"}
12     @value         Author name:Japanese, Author name:English  
13     @language         Language of Author name Author name:Japanese―without "@language"
Author name:English―with "@language" (Required)en:English
14   foaf:interest       Array   Description of Research field name  
15     @id         URL of Research field name URL for Research field name search. If there is a space in character strings of Research field name, it will be replaced "+".
16     dc:title     Array      
17       @value       Research field name:Japanese, Research field name:English  
18       @language       Language of Research field name Research field name:Japanese― without "@language"
Research field name:English― with "@language" (Required)en: English
19   rdfs:seeAlso       Array   Description of External links Repeated if there are multiple items
20     @id         URL of External links  
21     dc:title         Name of other website  
22   @id           URL of Author's Affiliation URL for Author's Affiliation search.
23   @type             Fixed"foaf:Organization"
24   foaf:name       Array   Description of Affiliation name Example:
"foaf:name": [
{"@value":"National Institute of Informatics","@language":"en"}
25     @value         Affiliation name:Japanese, Affiliation name:English  
26     @language         Language of Affiliation name Affiliation name:Japanese― without "@language"
Affiliation name:English―with "@language"(Required)en:English
27   foaf:member       Object   Description of Author Description of Relation between Affiriation and Author
28     @id         URI of Author "#me" is added to URI in Author Details Page

Revision History

You can check revision history of CiNii Articles JSON-LD API for Articles later April, 2013.

October 29, 2013

  • It has been available to use asynchronous communication between cross domains.
  • CiNii Articles JSON-LD of API for Authors (Beta) has been available.