New application for Institutional authentication

This notification is sent to an institution wishing to use Institutional authentication newly from fiscal year 2017. It is not necessary for the institution which will continuously use from Institutional fixed-Price Service.
Refer for the details:
 Termination of CiNii Institutional Fixed-Price Service and Use of Institutional authentication

Notification about procedure of new application for Institutional authentication

1.To start using from Saturday 1 April, 2017

Please read as “Institutional authentication” although “Institutional Fixed-Price Service” is still displayed on each application page.
Please take the following procedure since it’s different from previous procedure.

Application period

Until Monday 20 March, 2017

Application method

 --a) Click “Apply for Institutional Fixed-price Service: Usage application”
 --b) Agreement with Academic Content Service Usage Regulations / CiNii Articles Usage Detailed Regulations
 --c) Enter the required items under Institution data entry
 --d) Confirm the institution date *1
 --e) Print out the PDF “Usage Application Form”. → Fill in Date / Applicant (Scan and make it pdf if it has handwriting parts) *2
 --f) Email your application form *3
   E-mail to: CiNii desk, National Institute of Informatics
   Subject: Start from April, 2017: Application for Institutional authentication
 --g) Administrator ID will be emailed after approval by NII (the end of last month you wish to start). *4

 *1 Free of charge although Amount of Invoice (Estimate) will be displayed on Institution data entry check page.
 *2 Seal is not necessary although the page requires “Stamp with the payment authority’s seal”
 *3 Sends your application form (PDF) attached to email although “Mail to the NII” is displayed
 *4 CiNii will email you Administrator ID although “Written approval will be mailed –“is displayed.

2.To start using from Monday 1 May, 2017

Another notification will be showed after Monday 3 April.