About Redirecting of CiNii Articles OpenSearch request

As announced, CiNii Articles will be integrated into CiNii Research on April 1.2022. Refer to the following page for details.

With the integration into CiNii Research, we have announced the specification change of CiNii Articles API OpenSearch of Article Search and Author Search. In order to reduce the work of API users, it is not necessary to change the request of CiNii Articles OpenSearch by redirecting into CiNii Research or KAKEN OpenSearch as follows. The application ID used in CiNii Articles can also be used in the API of CiNii Research and KAKEN.

●Request of Article Search of CiNii Articles OpenSearch
It is redirected to Article Search of CiNii Research OpenSearch.

●Request of Author Search of CiNii Articles OpenSearch
It is redirected to KAKEN "Search Researchers" OpenSearch.

The response specifications will change from CiNii Articles OpenSearch, so it will still be necessary to modify the program.

We apologize for the delay in contacting API users who have already completed the response to requests of Article Search of CiNii Research OpenSearch.

It is not expected to be in time for the integration of CiNii Articles in April 2022 although Author Search of CiNii Research OpenSearch is being developed with the same data as KAKEN "Search Researchers". We will let you know when it will be available. Therefore, we apologize for the inconvenience, but after April 2022, please use KAKEN "Search Researchers" OpenSearch for the time being.