New functions: Displaying cover pages on CiNii Books, linkages with social media, etc.

We are pleased to announce that following new functions are available on CiNii from June 6, 2012.

  1. Displaying cover pages on CiNii Books

    The cover page of the book will be displayed on book & journal details page.
    Only images of cover pages from Google Books are being used on a trial basis.
    If there are no images on Google Books, the cover page will not be displayed on the details page.

  2. Linkages with social media

    "Tweet" button and Facebook's "Like" button are now available on the bottom-right side of the Article / Book & Journal details page.
    Please use these functions for sharing information on articles or books you're interested in with friends, or please use for as memos.

  3. Export to Mendeley from CiNii Books

    It is now possible to export bibliographic information to reference management service "Mendeley" from CiNii Books as well as CiNii Articles.
    It is available from "Export" on the bottom-right side of the book & Journal details page.

  4. Exact title match search for books / journals with your browser's search bar

    Exact title match search for books or journals within CiNii Books is added to the OpenSearch which can specify CiNii search to the browser's search bar.
    Web browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer 8 and 9, etc. are possible to add "CiNii Books - Exact title match" option to the search bar on each CiNii Books's page.
    (If you use Firefox, clicking on the down arrow icon of the left end of search box will display options)
    For more information about OpenSearch and the procedure for adding CiNii search to browser's search bar, please see "Metadata and API" Example of use of OpenSearch A. Search for Articles with your browser's search bar

  5. Processing of search operators on CiNii Books is modified

    About search operators "&", "|" , "-" on CiNii Books, it became possible to use Japanese full-width (double-byte) characters in addition to English half-width characters. (Full-width characters have been acceptable on CiNii Articles)
    Also, an error that ignores priority of boolean search when using combination of some search operators is modified.
    For more information about search operators, please see CiNii Books Help - Book & Journal Search By Keywords A-3. Complex search

  6. Change the words in English page

    The words of the function of refining the search for holding libraries on the Book & Journal Details Page of CiNii Books is modified.

    (before) Available via Japan and US ILL
    (after) Available via Japan US/Canada ILL

Note: These improvements are not included to help files. Thank you for your patience.