CiNii Dissertations - Metadata and API - CiNii Dissertations JSON-LD for Dissertations (Beta)


CiNii Dissertations JSON-LD for Dissertations Format Specification

Note: This is a Beta version therefore Format Specification may be subject to change hereafter depending on user feedbacks. Please be advised before using.

When you access to the following URI, you can obtain the data with JSON-LD format. What information you can obtain is as the same asCiNii Dissertations RDF for Dissertation Information."Dissertation Information(Japanese) will be output.<naid>.json (For example:

Content Negotiation is also acceptable. Even if JSON-LD URI is not be specified, JSON-LD will respond by recognition from HTTP header. In the Dissertation Details Page (For example:, specification of "application/json" or "application/ld+json" in accept field of HTTP request header has much priority than any other specifications, it will induce automatically to URI of JSON-LD.

"Access-Control-Allow-Origin*" is required on http header for response, and it is available to use asynchronous communication between cross domains.


Format Specification


Dissertation Information

No. Tag Name Type Required Contents Remarks
First level Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level
1 @context         Object Required Document route element "@context":{
2   rdfs         Required
3   owl         Required
4   dc         Required
5   dcterms         Required
6   foaf         Required
7   prism         Required
8   cinii         Required
9   ndl         Required
10   bibo         Required
11 @id           Required Requested URI  
12 @graph         Array Required   Element count of array is 1
13   @id         Required URI of Dissertation Details Page "#article" is added to URI in Dissertation Details Page.
14   @type         Required   Fixed(bibo:Thesis)
15   foaf:isPrimaryTopicOf       Object Required    
16     @id       Required Requested URI  
17   dc:title       Array Required Description of Title 0:"Title" 1:"Description of Interpretation"
18     @value         Title/Interpretation of Title dc:title[0].@value(Title)、dc:title[1].@value(Interpretation of Title)
19     @language         Language of Interpretation dc:title[0].@language(None)、dc:title[1].@language(Language of Interpretation)
Japanese:"ja-hrkt" Korea:"ko"
20   dcterms:alternative       Array   Description of Other title  
21     @value         Other title  
22     @language         Language of Other title  
23   dc:creator       Array   Description of Author  
24     @value         Author Name  
25     @language         Language of Author Name  
26   dc:publisher       Array   Description of University 0:"University" 1:"Description of Interpretation"
27     @value         University  
28     @language         Language of University dc:publisher[0].@language(None)、dc:publisher[1].@language(Language of Interpretation)
Japanese:"ja-hrkt" Korea:"ko"
29   cinii:grantid         Required, if any Grantor ID  
30   cinii:kid       Array   Description of Organization ID for NACSIS-CAT  
31     @value     Array   Organization ID of NACSIS-CAT  
32   dc:language       Array Required, if any Description of Text Language  
33     @value         Text Language  
34   dc:date         Required, if any Degree year  
35   dc:description       Array   Description of Note and Description  
36     @value         Note and Description  
37   dcterms:tableOfContents           Description of Table of Contents  
38     @value         Table of Contents  
39   ndl:dissertationNumber         Required, if any Grant ID  
40   ndl:degreeName         Required, if any Types of degree  
41   ndl:dateGranted         Required, if any Degree year  
42   cinii:ndlBibID       Array Required, if any Description of NDLBibID  
43     @value         NDLBibID  
44   ndl:callNumber       Array Required, if any Description of Call number on NDL-OPAC  
45     @value         Call number on NDL-OPAC  
46   prism:doi       Array Required, if any Description of DOI  
47     @value         DOI  
48   dc:source         Required, if any DOI(http URI format)/Description of External links  
49     @id       Required, if any DOI(http URI format)/External links  
50     dc:title       Required, if any Types of DOI/Title of External links  
51   foaf:topic       Array   Description of Author keyword  
52     @id         URI of Author keyword URL for search with Author keyword.
53     dc:title         Author keyword  
54   foaf:depiction           Description of Picture image for article  
55     @id       Required, if any Thumbnail URL  
56     @type       Required, if any   Fixed:"foaf:Image"
57   foaf:maker         Required Description of Author  
58     @id       Required URL of Author Details Page The author details page is currently in preparation.
59     @type       Required   Fixed:"foaf:Person"
60     foaf:name     Array   Description of Author Name  
61       @value       Author Name/Author Name Transcription dc:title[0].@value(Author Name)、dc:title[1].@value(Author Name Transcription)
62       @language       Language of Author Name/Language of Author Name Transcription  
63   cinii:naid         Required NAID of Dissertation  
64     rdfs:seeAlso     Array   Description of KAKEN — Researchers  
65       @id     Required, if any KAKEN — Researchers URL  
66       dc:title     Required, if any name of link