CiNii Dissertations - User Guide – Dissertation Details Page

About the Dissertation Details Page

* The Dissertation Details Page has an automatic redirect function. If a page was deleted due to record consolidation, you will be automatically redirected to the consolidated page.


A. Dissertation title/Author information

The Japanese title, English title, author name in Japanese, and author name in English are displayed.


B. Access this Article

Link to full text document, etc. The following are displayed:

Institutional repository (IR) A database of a university or other institution in Japan archiving and making available research output of members of that institution.
Text of the dissertation is available in PDF format.
NDL Digital Collection A service for searching and reading digital materials collected and archived by the National Diet Library.
(Available on Internet) Text of the dissertation is available via the Internet.
(Distributed only to libraries) The paper can be accessed only from terminals of public and university libraries, etc. (limited to libraries approved by the National Diet Library).
About the service for distributing digital materials to libraries.
(NDL premises only) The paper can be accessed only from terminals on the premises of the National Diet Library.

C. Search this Article

A link to information stored in the National Diet Library (NDL).


D. Bibliographic Information

The Japanese title, English title, author name in Japanese, author name in English, degree granting institution, degree acquired, degree conferral no., and conferral date are displayed.


E. Note and Description

The notes and abstract created in the IR are displayed.


F. Table of Contents

The Table of Contents created for the NDL Digital Collection is displayed.


G. Share

Dissertation information can be shared on services such as X and Facebook.
Also displayed are the number of times this page was accessed, the number of tweets, and the number of Facebook "likes."


I. Preview

The first page of the dissertation text is displayed in a preview screen.


J. Keywords

If keywords are designated with the dissertation, these are displayed.
The keywords are displayed as hyperlinks. When a keyword is clicked, a screen showing the search results for papers with that keyword is displayed.


K. Codes

Detailed data, etc. related to the dissertation. The following items are displayed:

NII Article ID (NAID) Article ID number of CiNii.
NII Author ID (NRID) Author ID number of CiNii.
DOI (Publisher); A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is an identifier of a document on the Internet.
If a DOI exists, it is displayed as a hyperlink.
Text Lang Code  
NDL Bib ID A bibliography identifier assigned by the National Diet Library.
Database The code/name of the original database is displayed.

L. Export

A function to export and show dissertation information for use with reference management software, etc. Click to export or show the data. If this does not work as intended, right-click and save the data.
The following export formats are supported. (The character code for all formats is UTF-8.)

  • Note: The language of the exported bibliographic information is the same as the screen type.
    When English-language bibliographic information is needed, choose "English" at the upper right of the screen to change to an English-language screen before exporting.

Export to RefWorks Basic information of books and journals can be exported directly in document management softwares.
*Exporting to EndNote is required to be installed plug-in.

*Problems of “Export to Mendeley”
Export to EndNote
Export to Mendeley
Show Refer/BibIX Basic information of books and journals can be displayed in various formats.
Show RIS
Show BibTeX
Show TSV