CiNii Dissertations - Metadata and API - About the OpenURL Receiving Function for CiNii Dissertations

Specifications for the OpenURL receiving function of CiNii Dissertations

  • The base URL is:
  • Bibliographical information described in OpenURL 1.0 can be received.(* Please note that OpenURL 0.1 is not supported.)
  • Use UTF-8 for character encoding.
  • CiNii only accepts the following parameters. Other parameters are invalid and will be ignored.

  • No. Item Name Parameter Name Availability of Boolean expression Remarks
    1 OpenURL1.0 url_ver impossible z39.88-2004 (fixed)
    2 ctx_ver impossible z39.88-2004 (fixed)
    3 Format rft_val_fmt impossible info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:dissertation (fixed)
    4 DOI rft_id possible (OR) rft_id=info:doi/[doi]
    5 Title rft.title possible (AND) Search an item included in the title (partial match).
    There is no difference in operation by the difference in parameter values.
    6 Author Name possible (AND) Search an item included in the Author's name (partial match).
    7 University rft.inst possible (AND) Search an item included in the University (partial match).
    8 Types of degree possible (AND) Search an item included in the Types of degree (partial match).
    9 Degree year impossible W3CDTF(YYYY-MM-DD)
  • In the fields which accept a Boolean expression, you can specify relation by AND, OR, NOT, operator (in capital letters) and parenthesis ("(", ")").
    Between AND, OR, NOT and words, blank is required. When you put words without operator, a default relation (operator written with parenthesis in the table) is used.

  • A different page will be displayed depending on the search condition.
    1. If the search returns only one bibliographic ・・・ Dissertation Details Page
    2. For conditions other than the above(include a search yields no results) ・・・ Dissertation Search Results
  • Description example)