Integration of CiNii Dissertations into CiNii Research

Integration of Cinii Dissertations into CiNii Research

To improve the sophistication of CiNii Research and streamline its operations, we have decided to integrate the functions of CiNii Dissertations into CiNii Research.
The data in CiNii Dissertations have already been integrated into CiNii Research and are searchable.

Timing of the integration

Early December 2024

About the period of parallel operation

CiNii Dissertations is scheduled to continue its service in parallel with CiNii Research for a certain period after the start of functional integration with CiNii Research.
The parallel operation period will be half a year for CiNii Dissertations.

Access to CiNii Dissertations after the integration

After the parallel operation ends, CiNii Dissertations are fully integrated into CiNii Research, and access to CiNii Dissertations will be redirected to the corresponding CiNii Research page or top page.

Changes to the search function

Note that the search function of CiNii Research after the integration may be different from that of now provided by CiNii Dissertations due to changes in screen design, etc.

Details for changes in functionality with the integration, integration schedule, and other information will be announced on the following pages.

【Update History】
October 31, 2023【Created】