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About Article Details

A. Article Titles

The article title is displayed.

B. Access This Article Search for References/ Cited References

Links to the full text, etc. The following icons are displayed. If there are references or cited references, links to those references will also be displayed.

Institutional Repository (IR) Links to full text articles on the Institutional Repository website. On the CiNii Research search results and article details pages, click the Institution Repository icon to go to the institution repository's page.
DOI Links to publishers' full text documents. If you have access privileges, the full text document will be displayed. The links use Japan Link Center (JaLC) and CrossRef data.
HANDLE It is a permanent identifier given to resources such as digital objects existing on the Internet, which is operated by CNRI (Corporation for National Research Initiatives) in the United States. It links to the contents of institutional repositories that use HANDLE.
PubMed PubMed is a literature database of life sciences and biomedical sciences operated by the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) of the National Institutes of Health.
Nikkei BP Search service for journals published by Nikkei BP. Only incorporated data from other databases, links to the full-text documents and abstracts are displayed by using a data provided by Nikkei BP.
Japanese Agricultural Sciences Index This is a digitized database that started in 1970. JASI incorporates journal information of articles published in approximately 500 domestic forestry and fisheries-related academic journals. Some articles have links to external.
Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) . Click the icon on search-results and detailed pages to go to the text or the login page.
*Partially charged
AIJ Archives AIJ Archives offers search and browse service for articles and research reports published by Architectural Institute of Japan.

※There are some paid contents.
Ichushi Web Ichushi Web offers search service for domestic medical article information published by NPO Japan Medical Abstracts Society. It incorporates approximately 7.5 million those article information from roughly 5,000 domestic journals of related fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutical science and nursing. Only incorporated data from other databases, links to the article information of Ichushi Web are displayed by using a data provided by Japan Medical Abstracts Society.
Web Site Links to external websites other than above.
PDF Direct links to the full text article (PDF).
XML Direct links to the full text article (XML).
CiNii Links to CiNii Articles.
Cited Documents In-page links will take you to the cited documents.
References In-page links will take you to the references.
Research data The icon is displayed if the references and cited documents are research data.
Open Access The icon is displayed if the article is open access.
*Not a link

C. Author Information

Information on the author (name and affiliation) is displayed. The author has a link, and when you click it, his/her person details will be displayed.

D. Search for This Article

CiNii Books Links to book collection information of university libraries.
Click the icon to go to book and journal details page on CiNii Books.

E. Abstracts

Author abstract is displayed.

F. Recorded Publications Information

Information on recorded publication, publication name, volume, number, page, publication date and publisher's name is displayed.

G. References / Cited References

Displays a summary of works cited (other articles which this article cites) and citing works (other articles which cite this article).

References Works cited by the displayed article.
Cited references Works citing the displayed article.
Additions will be made whenever necessary.

*The "references" of CiNii Research do not always match the references of actual papers. Of the references in the actual papers, only the references identified / integrated by the identification / integration process of CiNii Research are displayed. The number of references also counts the number of identified and integrated references, not the number published in the paper.

Identification and integration processing by CiNii Research being different from that by CiNii Articles, "References" and "Cited References" results of the former do not necessarily match those of the latter.

H. Related Data

Displays the CiNii Research data related to this article. Click the link to view the related data.

Related Articles Articles related to this research paper other than (cited) references.
Related ResearchData Research data related to this research paper other than (cited) references.
Related Books and Journals Books and journals related to this research paper other than (cited) references.
Related Dissertations Dissertations related to this research paper other than (cited) references.
Related Projects Projects that use this research paper as a deliverable.

I. Share on Social Media

You can share information on articles on Twitter and Facebook. The number of times your post has been tweeted and the number of likes will be displayed.

J. Keywords

Displays keywords relevant to this article. The keyword has a link, and when you click it, all the search results searched by it will be displayed.

K. Detailed Information

Detailed data related to the article. The following items are displayed.

CiNii Research ID (CRID) Data ID number in CiNii Research.
NII Article ID (NAID) Article ID number in CiNii Articles. Links to the article information in CiNii Articles.
NII NACSIS-CAT ID (NCID) NACSIS-CAT bibliography ID of the journal. Links to the journal information in CiNii Books.
ISSN ISSN of the recorded publication.
DOI DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is an identifier for document on internet. It will be displayed as a link if DOI is provided.
PubMed ID number in PubMed. It links to PubMed data.
Web Site URL links to external websites.
Text Language Code Displays the language in which the article is written.
Data Source Type Displays the original database type.

L. Export

Export to RefWorks Basic information of books and journals selected by checking the checkbox can be exported directly in document management softwares.
*Exporting to EndNote is required to be installed plug-in.
Export to EndNote
Export to Mendeley
Show Refer/BibIX Basic information of all books and journals selected by checking the checkbox will be displayed in various formats.
*"Save As" is not available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Select all the results and save them in a copy (clipboard) when you use these browsers.
Show RIS
Show BibTeX
Show TSV