Results of “Projects Search”

About the “Projects Search” Result Page

This page shows you how to check the results of “Projects Search”.

A. View Search Results / Move between Pages

  • This section shows you the number of records that match the entered keyword(s).
  • You can move backwards and forwards between the search result pages.
  • The keywords entered in the search screen are displayed for convenience.
  • Search conditions: Type of search (search items: keyword)
  • E.g.) Search conditions: simple search (Free word: Interaction)
  • E.g.) Search conditions: advanced search (Author: Adachi, Title: Interaction)

B. Change Order of Search Results

You can re-display the current search results in a different order.
Please note that this is not to specify the display order for a refined search.

  • Year (newest): Sort in descending order of project start year
  • Year (oldest): Sort in ascending order of project start year
  • Relevance: Sort in descending order of relevance

C. View Simplified Information / Obtain Full Text

Project Title
Principal Investigator, Affiliation, Grant Period, Grant Name

C-1. Project Titles

By clicking on the project title, you can display the details page.

C-2. Part of Abstract

This section displays the principal investigator, affiliation, grant period and grant name.

C-3. Highlight Search Keywords

In CiNii Research, the search terms in the result screen are highlighted in bold and yellow background colour to make it easier to see where the search result is located.

D. Jump to Other Search Methods

If you click on the tabs "All", "Data", "Books", "Dissertations" and "Projects" at the top of the screen, you can go to the search results for the respective data. The keywords you have entered in the search box will be retained.

If you click on the CiNii logo in the upper left corner of the screen, you will return to the CiNii Research top page.

E. Refine Search Results by Facets

Please refer to "E. Refine Search Results by Facets" in the "Search All" Result Page.


F.Select the Operation


Open in New Windows By checking the checkbox, you can display the detail view screen of the selected articles in a separate tab or window of your browser.