Institutional Authentication

About Institutional Authentication

The Institutional Authentication service is available to such institutions as universities, libraries, and private corporations.

For users of Institutional Authentication

Scope of service

CiNii Research

  • All CiNii functions are available.
  • Statistics using Google Analytics can be obtained.
  • It’s possible to set links from CiNii to their systems such as link resolvers and OPACs on “Search this Article” of “Article Details Page.”

CiNii Books

  • Your institution information is preferentially displayed in the list of holding institution/libraries. *Initial setting is order of Japanese syllabary

Payment of usage charges

  • Free of charge

Verification method

  • Verification is performed using IP address.

Limitations on the number of terminals

  • There is no limit to the number of workstations or terminals that can be connected at once.

Organizational units for applications

  • Please apply for this service as a whole institution.
  • A single application is acceptable even if the institution is distributed over a number of campuses.
  • Applications are acceptable from individual organizations such as faculties or associated institutions if the organization can be identified from the IP addresses.

If University sets the Idp that associated with GakuNin (shibboleth) or UK Federation, users will be able to login to CiNii with the ID given by the university even outside of the institution.
Please see the GakuNin federation page for more details. Also, please see “Can we use shibboleth authentication with CiNii?” if you already have Idp and would like to set the CiNii for Shibboleth use.


Click the link below to apply for Institutional Authentication. For detail, please refer to New application procedure

Note: Deadline for Usage Application

  • Your Usage Application is required by the 20th of the last month you wish to start the service since a certain amount of time is required for registering new users on the system and for testing connections.
    Please contact if it is delayed.