Results of Research Data

About Results of Research Data

This page shows you how to check the results of research data.

A. View Search Results / Move between Pages

  • Shows the number of records that match the entered keyword(s).
  • Move backwards and forwards between pages.
  • The keywords entered in the search screen are displayed for convenience.
  • Search conditions: search field (keyword)
  • Example: search conditions: simple search (Free word search: Interaction)
  • Example: search conditions: advanced search (Author: Adachi, Title: Interaction)

B. Change Order of Search Results

Displays the current search results in a different order.
Note that this applies only to the current display and is not an order specification for a narrowed search.

  • Year (Newest) … Sort in descending order of publication year
  • Year (Oldest) … Sort in ascending order of publication year
  • Relevance… Sort in descending order of relevance

C. View Simplified Information / Obtain Full Text

〈View simplified information〉
Name of Research Data
Person/Affiliation, Name of Publication, Volume, Number, Page, Year of Publication
Part of Abstract

C-1. Titles

Click Project Title to display the details.

C-2. Part of Abstract

Part of the abstract is displayed if the research data has an abstract.

C-3. Links

CiNii Research collaborates with external organizations to input research data. Below is the list of links to services that work with CiNii Research.

JaLC JALC is a service jointly operated by four domestic academic institutions to register DOIs in digitized academic papers, books, information accompanying papers, research data, etc.
DataCite DataCite is an international initiative on research data, promoted by the British Library (BL), etc., and DOIs are registered in research data on the Internet.
SSJDA SSJ is a data archive constructed by Center for Social Research and Data Archives (CSRDA) of the University of Tokyo Institute of Social Sciences, for the purpose of supporting empirical research on social sciences in Japan. It has been providing archival data since April 1998.
NINJAL National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL) provides research data such as corpus.
IDR The Informatics Research Data Repository (IDR)is a dataset sharing service operated by the Center for Dataset Sharing and Collaborative Research (DSC) and the National Institute of Informatics (NII). The IDR provides researchers with various datasets supplied by private companies or universities.
DBpedia DBpedia is a project to extract structured datasets from Wikipedia and republish them as linked data.
RUDA RUDA is a social research data archive run by Rikkyo University Center for Statistics and Information (CSI). It collects, organizes, and archives social research data as a valuable public property for research purposes such as academic secondary analysis and for educational use in class.

C-4. Highlight Search Keywords

In CiNii Research, the search terms in the results are bolded and highlighted yellow to clearly show the hits.

D. Jump to Other Search Methods

Click the data category at the top of the page to move to the search results for each category. The keyword entered in the search box will remain.

Click the CiNii logo on the upper left of the page to return to the CiNii Research top page.


E. Narrow Down Search Results with Facets

See "E. Narrow Down Search Results with Facets" in the "Search All" results.


F. Select the operation


Open in New Windows Detailed pages of all articles selected by checking the checkbox would be displayed in newtabs or windows of web browser.
Export to RefWorks Basic information of books and journals selected by checking the checkbox can be exported directly in document management softwares.
*Exporting to EndNote is required to be installed plug-in.
Export to EndNote
Export to Mendeley
Show Refer/BibIX Basic information of all books and journals selected by checking the checkbox will be displayed in various formats.
*"Save As" is not available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Select all the results and save them in a copy (clipboard) when you use these browsers.
Show RIS
Show BibTeX
Show TSV