Project Details

About Project Details

A. Project Titles

Displays the project title.

B. External Link to This Project

This is an external link about this project. The following icon is displayed.

KAKEN Links to Research Project page in KAKEN.

C. Principal Researcher Information

Information on the principal researcher (name and affiliation) is displayed. The principal researcher has a link, and when you click it, his/her person details will be displayed.

D. Research Project Information

The following information on this research project is displayed.

  • Project / Area Number
  • Research Period (FY)
  • Research Institution
  • Grant Institution
  • Review Classification / Research Field
  • Research Category
  • Allocation Type
  • Project Status
  • Budget Amount

The budget amount is the total amount for the "Research Period (FY)", and the indirect costs are calculated uniformly as 30% of the direct costs. Changes due to decline of indirect costs are not reflected and may differ from actual budget amount.

E. Research Outline

Displays the research outline.

F. Related Data

Displays the CiNii Research data related to this project. Click the link to view the related data.

Related Articles Other articles related to this project.
Related ResearchData Other research data related to this project.
Related Books and Journals Other books and journals related to this project.
Related Dissertations Other dissertations related to this project.
Related Projects Other projects related to this project.

G. Keywords

Displays keywords relevant to this project. The keyword has a link, and when you click it, all the search results searched by it will be displayed.

H. Detailed Information

Detailed data related to the project. The following items are displayed.

CiNii Research ID(CRID) Data ID number in CiNii Research.
Web Site URL links to external websites.
Text Language Code Displays the language in which the project information is written.
Data source type Displays the original database type.