About experimental service public site CiNii Labs

What is CiNii Labs

CiNii Labs is a portal site that aims to experimentally publish systems under development to advance CiNii Research and content useful for research and development.

What is available with CiNii Labs

Experimental use of CiNii services

It's possible to preview CiNii Research's new optional functions and search environment.
  • CiNii Research Institutional Dashboard
  • This platform aims to promote open science and support institutional research by visualizing research activities, research products, and their impact concerning each institution. Currently, you can use the trial version by applying.

Utilization for research and development

We share internal data, development specifications, and other CiNii Research development-related information.
  • Dump data downloads
  • CiNii Research dump data (compressed version of data provided by API) will be offered upon email application.


We would appreciate your opinions and feedback on the content of CiNii Labs.
Please send your inquiries to the email address below.