KAKEN - User Guide: Advanced Search


1. Project Type Check Boxes

You can select multiple Types.

2. Entry for Review Section/Research Fields, Categories and Institutions

There are three entry methods as follow:

  • Enter strings directly in the Entry Box
  • Click [Find Review Section/Research Field], and select the desired fields from the list displayed
  • Click the link on the field that is displayed in the search results list or project details page

Search condition ‘Institution’ means that it searches for ‘all the researchers who are/were involved in the project conducted at the specified institution’.

3. Entry for ‘Research Period (Fiscal Year)’

You can search for projects by specifying only the start or end of the research period.

4. Entry for ‘Total Budget Amount’

You can select the budget range from the pull-down menu.

5. Project Status Check Boxes

You can select multiple statuses.

6. Entry for ‘Keyword’

Keyword searches return projects based on the keywords listed in the reports by researchers.

7. Entries for ‘Researcher Information’

In ‘Full Name’ section, you can conduct an exact-match search for researchers’ names.
Where there is a reading in katakana or alphabetical notation in a report, you can also use these to conduct a search.

8. Entry for ‘Reports’

By using ‘Assessment Rating’ drop-down menu, you can search for ‘Assessment Types’ by assessment ratings (i.e. A+, A, A-, B, and C) listed on‘Research Progress Assessment (Result)’, ‘Research Progress Assessment (Verification Result)’, ‘Interim Assessment (Comments)’, and ‘Ex-post Assessment (Comments)’

Assessment Types Drop-down Menu
Research Progress Assessment (Result) Assessment Results
Research Progress Assessment (Verification Result) Verification Results
Interim Assessment (Comments) Comments(Interim Assessment)
Ex-post Assessment (Comments) Comments (Ex-post Assessment)

9. Entries for ‘Research Products Information’

You can conduct a search for publication titles, authors, publication years and journal titles.