KAKEN - How to Search Research Projects: Advanced Search


1. Check Boxes for ‘Research Project Type’

You can select multiple research project types.

2. Input Field for ‘Review Section/Research Fields’, ‘Categories’ and ‘Institutions’

There are three input methods as follow:

  • Enter a string directly in the input field
  • Click ‘Find Review Section/Research Field’ etc., and select from the list of fields displayed.
  • Click the link of the field etc. displayed on the search results list or the project details screen

The search condition of ‘Research Institution’ means to search for ‘all researchers involved in research projects conducted at the specified institution’.

3. Input Field for ‘Project Period (FY)’

You can search by specifying only the start or the end of the research period.

4. Input Field for ‘Total Cost (Overall)’

You can select the range of the budget amount from the pull-down menu.

5. Check Boxes for ‘Project Status’

You can select multiple statuses.

6. Input Field for ‘Keywords’

You can search by keywords information described in the reports by researchers.

7. Input Field for ‘Researcher’ Information

‘First and last name’ allows you to search for the full name exactly. In addition, if the reports contain reading (katakana) or Roman notation, you can also search using those notations.

8. Input Field for ‘Reports’

‘Report/Assessment Types’ allows you to select multiple report/assessment types.

In ‘Assessment Rating’, you can search for ‘Assessment Types’ by assessment rating (A +, A , A-, B, C) described in ‘Research Progress Assessment (Result)’, ‘Research Progress Assessment (Verification Result)’, ‘Interim Assessment (Comments)’ and ‘Ex-post Assessment (Comments)’.

Assessment Types Drop-down Menu
Research Progress Assessment (Result) Assessment Results
Research Progress Assessment (Verification Result) Verification Results
Interim Assessment (Comments) Comments(Interim Assessment)
Ex-post Assessment (Comments) Comments (Ex-post Assessment)

9. Input Field for ‘Research Products Information’

You can search for the title, author name, publication year, journal title, etc. of the publications.

  • Various Types of IDs: You can search by IDs such as DOI and ISBN.