KAKEN - How to Search Researchers: Researcher Details

Researcher Details

1. Basic Information on Researcher

It displays the researcher’s ‘Researcher Number’ listed in KAKEN reports and so on.
By clicking ‘Other IDs’ or ‘External Links’, the information on the corresponding site will be displayed.

2. List of Research Projects

By clicking the link, the list of the researcher’s research projects will be displayed.

3. Display in ‘KAKEN (Search Research Projects)’

It allows you to search the researcher in ‘KAKEN (Search Research Projects)’ and displays the search results.

4. Export in CSV Format

It allows you to export the list of research projects in CSV format.

5. Research Project Title

By clicking the link, the details of the research project will be displayed.

6. Research Project’s Detailed Item

If an item has a link, you can click it to display the search results by the item.

7. List of Research Products

By clicking the link, the list of the researcher’s research products will be displayed.

From the KAKEN Database, the system automatically extracts the research projects in which the researcher has participated, and displays the research products of which the researcher is considered to be the author and so on.

List of Research Products

8. List of Co-Researchers

By clicking the link, it will display the list of researchers who have conducted research projects with the researcher.
By clicking the link on a researcher’s name, the details of the researcher will be displayed.

List of Co-Researchers