FAQ - 検索全般

The ‘free words’ text field can be used when you prefer to search quickly using keywords.
The set of text fields that opens and closes by clicking the advanced search button is for searching using detailed search conditions.
You can specify particular items in a project/report page using each text field in the advanced search area.

Yes. You can use some logic operations.
Please list keywords with ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ between them. ‘AND’ means ‘both’, and ‘OR’ means ‘either’

If you list keywords with a space between them, it will be recognised as an ‘AND’ search. For details, please refer to HELP page.

You can search the name by enclosing it with slashes (/ /) in the Researcher Information field in the advanced search. This method will give you exact-match results for the researcher’s name.

For example, if you want the results for an exact match to ‘山田一太’, enter ‘/山田一太/’. In this way, it will not return the results for ‘山田一太郎’. For details, please refer to HELP page.

The description of budget amount in KAKEN is based on the tentative grant amount of the initial fiscal year.
Therefore, the information described in KAKEN and the actual grant-receiving status may be different.