KAKEN - How to Search Research Projects: Search Results

研究課題 検索結果画面

1. Pagination

Where the number of search results exceeds the results-per-page limit, the result list will be divided into pages.
The link will take you to any results page you like.

2. Exporting Files

By selecting an exporting format (i.e. ‘Export as XML’ or ‘Export as Text(CSV)’) and clicking ‘Execute’, you can export the search results.
By selecting ‘Select All ’ and clicking ‘Execute’, you can export up to 200,000 items of the search results.
By selecting ‘Select Page ’, ticking the checkbox and clicking ‘ Execute’, you can export the search results that are displayed on the current page.

3. Results-per-Page Change Menu

The drop-down menu allows you to change the number of search results to be displayed within a screen. The options are: 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 items.
To change the number of results-per-page, please select the desired option from the menu.

4. Sort Order Change Menu

This menu allows you to change the sort order. The options are: ‘Relevance’, ‘Project Start Date: Newest’, ‘Project Start Date: Oldest’, ‘Total Budget Amount: Descending’, and ‘Total Budget Amount: Ascending’.

5. Project Title Link

By clicking the link, the details of the project will be displayed.

6. Field / Review Section / Category / Institution Link

You can add the relevant research field, review section, category and institution to the existing search conditions and refine the search for research projects.

If the refining attributes were already specified in the search conditions, previous search conditions will be deleted and a refined search with the conditions selected by the links in the search results information will be conducted.

7. Highlighting Search Keyword

The part of the search results (e.g. project title) that matches the search keyword will be highlighted.

8. Status Icon

Status Icon shows the status of the project.

9. Search Refinement

By clicking the link, you can refine your search by the relevant Research Category, for instance.