FAQ - 研究課題をさがす

Please open the advanced search text field using the advanced research link, enter the research number in the research project/area number field and search for the project.

Please enter ‘The University of Tokyo’, the formal name of the university, in the research institution field in the advanced search, and search for the results. Alternatively, you can select the institution from the list of research institutions.

No. It will only give you the projects associated to Tsukuba University.
If you wish to search for the projects associated to both universities, please enter ‘University of Library and Information Science OR Tsukuba University’ in the research institution field and conduct a search.

By using the bibliographic data of CiNii, Ichushi-Web and CrossRef (international electronic journals’ reference database) including URLs, the system automatically generates the links to the items in the publication lists. For the identification of the items, it uses i-Linkage system developed by Prof. Akiko Aizawa at the National Institute of Informatics. As of 1st April 2012, there are 4,858,603 items in the publication lists, of which 1,765,116 items are linked to external sites. This is done within an accuracy of 97.5 % (by sampling test).