KAKEN – Researcher Search: About Test Release

On Monday 5th June 2017, we released ‘KAKEN: Researcher Search’ on trial.

The database for ‘Researcher Search’ was created by primarily using the data registered on Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKEN) Database and a part of the data registered on Institutional Repositories DataBase (IRDB).
It automatically integrates the information on researchers and research products extracted from ‘Researcher Numbers’, DOIs, etc., stored on these databases.
Using this database, you can search for information such as affiliations, research fields, keywords, and research projects by researchers.

Main Features of ‘Researcher Search’
  • It uses the same interface as ‘KAKEN: Research Project Search’ and is easy to use.

     Figure1. Top page of ‘KAKEN: Researcher Search’

    You can search information on research projects and research products as well as researchers’ information.

     Figure2. Page showing the list of the search results

  • It has a ‘Researcher Details’ page for each individual researcher.

     Figure3. Page showing the details of the search results

    It displays the list of information on: 1) research projects for which the researcher has obtained Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKEN); 2) research products including academic papers, books, presentations, etc.; and 3) co-researchers.

 * The information above is as of 5th June 2017.

For the details of how to use ‘Researcher Search’, please refer to the help page.